Eldie Anthony & Michael Matt Release “Behind A Smile”

It is no secret that mental health is an issue in today’s day and age.  Many people smile while those around them have no idea the pain they feel inside.  Recording Artist Eldie Anthony, the Music Embassies, and the Hip Hop Embassy wanted to create a healing song that addresses that very issue.

New Orleans, Lousiana native and rapper Michael Matt was invited to collaborate on this sensitive topic. He speaks of the real struggles that many people face while explaining his own dose of reality. Together a song was born with a powerful message; “Just Live, Love The Life You Live.”  Realizing it is important to take each day at a time by dealing with today and planning for tomorrow, life can become so much easier.

Eldie Anthony and Michael Matt have truly hit home for many.  They have received an overwhelming response from people who have stated that this song really made a difference.  Currently, the song is being considered for sync licenses which will help bring its powerful message to the masses.

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